THE Tory MSPs must be at their wits’ end with the realisation they have been disenfranchised from the mother group in Westminster. The new Home Secretary Sajid Javid, regardless of his own immigrant background, has instructed his department to disregard any communication from Scotland’s MSPs with regard to immigration problems in Scotland.

And where is Group Captain Ruth Davidson in all this? Gone now, surely, is her chance of UK Tory party leadership. Why is she not speaking up for Scotland? We may well ask, but does she care?

However you choose to regard the Glasgow refugee crisis, it is heartless to support those responsible for putting them out of home and shelter, regardless of whether they are babes in arms or elderly, sick or otherwise. This is not the Scottish way. But that bears no difference to the rule of Westminster, does it? The more Westminster antagonise Scotland’s people and its parliament the more it deepens the roots of independence, spreading the branches further afield to engulf a majority of Scotland’s sovereign population.

Alan Magnus-Bennett

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