AFTER spending Friday at Chequers watching every episode of Allo Allo, Theresa May has come up with a fudge that is unacceptable to remainers and leavers and will be rejected by the Eurocrats.

The fact that the Tories’ “Scottish” governor-general was not even invited to Chequers to make the tea shows the contempt that Theresa May has for Scotland.

After two years the Brexit oddballs have not been able to identify a single tangible economic benefit. All they have are empty soundbites about “respecting the result” even though that’s meaningless.

Brexit is like being driven to the airport in an imaginary car. All to catch an invisible plane with no pilot to a country that does not exist.

Fresh from the Brexit humiliation May’s agony will be further put on display when she has to prostrate herself when the Trump clown car arrives.

Donald Trump personifies the corruption, ruthlessness, parasitism and essentially fascistic mindset of the US oligarchy. This thrice married, four times bankrupt, Orange-faced reality TV “star” is only interested in himself.

The UK Government are using £5 million of taxpayers money so Trump can go to one of his courses in Scotland to do an infomercial.

It says much to the desperation that the Tories are pinning all their hopes on someone as unstable as Trump. He is the Nigerian Prince and the Tories are giving him the pin number for the taxpayer.

Alan Hinnrichs