I WISH they would put this nonsensical Clara Ponsati extradition case on TV. I would certainly watch it. In full HD TV, Scotland’s possibly best legal brains, funded by the taxpayer, arguing that a Scottish law has been broken, in Spain, by a Spanish citizen.

A law that apparently goes back to the year 1351 – before St Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university, was founded, and before Catalonia, then under the Crown of Aragon, was united under a single monarchy with the rest of Spain.

At what point will some men dressed in appropriate costumes jump up and shout “no-one expects the Spanish inquisition”?

Perhaps she could just be thrown into Duddingston Loch and if she floats we can send her back to Spain to face a 33-year jail (death) sentence.

When does this madness end?

Brian Lawson