WHAT a few days these have been for Scottish sport! Pity we haven’t been contesting the qualifying rounds of the men’s football World Cup at this propitious time of sporting success, instead of readying for our usual TV spectating of the event.

Unbelievably we beat England at that most sacred of English games, cricket, and then in Poland our women’s football team demonstrated the tenacity that we regularly demand but too often fail to get from our men footballers, and fought back from 0-2 down to win 3-2 in a fine display of calm, precise and bold endeavour.

It is to be hoped that Andy Murray will add the icing to our shortbread and stir Wimbledon with his famous brand of never knowing when he’s beaten.

Meanwhile, still enjoying the exploits of our women footballers and our male cricketers, we’ll settle down to watching Russia host the World Cup and might even put a bet on England – no, maybe not on them winning it, we wouldn’t be as reckless as that, but we might hazard an outside bet on that other small country to the north of us, Iceland, remembering what they did in the Euro Nations Cup three years ago. How’s that, and who’s for cricket?

Ian Johnstone