THE Yes DIY Hub has received a plea for help which we are happy to pass on. Yes West Central Scotland (YesWCS) is looking for somewhere nearby to store

items from a stall it has been running at the top of Buchanan Street in Glasgow on Saturdays.

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The organisation told us: “At the first meeting of the YesWCS regional groups in February, it was decided to have a stall at the top of Buchanan Street and this has been run by volunteers most Saturdays since then between 12noon and 2pm.

“It has proved very popular with the public and the many leaflets etc provided by local groups have had to be supplemented by supplies generously provided by other groups contacted through the National Yes Registry Indyapp.

“This stall has depended, until now, on a few people transporting a gazebo, table and leaflets etc and taking them away afterwards. It would be a great benefit if a storage space within reasonable walking distance of the stall location and accessible on a Saturday could be made available to take a gazebo, a folding table and a few boxes of leaflets and so on.”

“If you can provide storage space, or know someone who can, please make contact through If you are in a group or want to start a group in west central Scotland then please come along and introduce yourself at the stall or come to the next YesWCS meeting, which will be held between 2-5pm on Saturday, July 14, at the Renfield St Stephens Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JP. Please book on Eventbrite.”