THE only thing strange about Boris Johnson’s latest attempt to undermine his own government and continue to debase Britain is that Sarah Woolaston is the only public voice who seems to have come to the obvious conclusion that it was Johnson who leaked the tape of himself criticising May.

It is important to remember that not only did this Abnormal Load take part in the dishonest and toxic campaign to leave the EU during the referendum, but he was an active poison pen against Europe for decades.

Now that the loons have got what they wanted and it is possibly the biggest socio-economic disaster the UK has faced since the last great war, the idea that Johnson would not be manipulating behind the scenes to try and place the blame elsewhere is preposterously naive.

As for why May won’t sack him – cowardice, stupidity, poor judgment, inertia, intimidation from the Eton elite – it is anyone’s guess.

Meanwhile the UK suffers.

Amanda Baker

Was Boris Johnson's speech secretly filmed, or was it part of a plot to challenge the Prime Minister to sack him? Each time he does this and survives it makes him look stronger and the PM look weaker.

However, we discover that Boris believes 48.6% of the electorate are the "enemy", when the real enemy is the so called European Research Group of right-wing Tories who long for the days of Empire.

In the meantime, Remain supporters seem to be sitting on their hands allowing the Leave group to get away with generalisations, unsupported by evidence, regarding the future of the UK outside Europe. Even the most vociferous of leavers must realise that closing the door on unrestrained access to a market of more than 500 million would not be in the best interests of the UK (Prime Minister May seems to be trying to achieve a sensible exit, but is thwarted at every turn by disloyal members of the Cabinet).

Johnson apparently recognises that there will be disruption to the economy when we leave without a deal, but doesn't offer any analysis about how long it will last (10, 20, 40 years?) or how severe the disruption will be. The Leave campaign continues with the meaningless statements: "we will regain our sovereignty" "350 million a week for the NHS" etc. Do leavers really believe that in a trade deal with the USA, British courts will be the final arbiter of disputes? It is no secret that Donald Trump's political philosophy is "America First".

If rebates, infrastructure investments, CAP payments etc, savings to business in administration costs and no border delays are accounted for properly, membership of the EU is closer to cash neutral. One other mischief-making statement by the Leave campaign suggested that German car manufacturers would press the EU to give the UK a good deal. After two years there is no evidence of this.

Wake up Remainers – time is running out!

Mike Underwood

I wonder if I am being paranoid in suspecting the motives of the arch Brexiteers to be less than honourable. Do they know full well that Brexit will be a major disaster for Britain, causing meltdown of mega proportions?

When such meltdowns occur they invariably lead to either communism or fascism. Given the political colour of the arch Brexiteers, fascism would seem to be the route. Allowing for the chauvinistic and xenophophobic attitudes of a significant section of the British, largely English, population, is such a scenario so very far-fetched? Possibly I am just one of those conspiracy nuts, or more worryingly, perhaps not!

R Mill Irving
Gifford, East Lothian