READING the piece about Ross Thomson by Kirsty Strickland (There’s no such thing as a ‘different kind’ of Tory, June 9) I was taken aback by how very similar Mr Thomson looks to my own MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton. Why, they are like two balls in a bag, at the tennis club.

I noted how the similarities were not just physical in nature but also by their actions as politicians. They have both complained about videos that have been made that they wish something to be done about.

Cole-Hamilton complained about the SNP running an ad telling people what its achievements were, something that went completely against the regular, miserable BBC output. Apparently he could hardly believe that the public would be subjected to such revelries when the British media had done so much to undermine and malign Scotland. However his complaint was kicked out because it was … well, nonsense.

Now Ross Thomson is complaining about a video on immigration because it has people with Scottish accents acting like normal human beings and doing weird stuff like working together. Once again this goes against everything the British press wish to put out about immigrants here on benefits holidays and NHS treatment. Presumably the people in the video should be blacked-up actors putting on funny accents and calling each other names in a Love Thy Neighbour knockabout.

The level of utter codswallop was followed by Cole-Hamilton calling for speed cameras to be installed in Edinburgh to deter joyriders! In a completely made-up piece of guff, a spokesperson for the local Joyriders Association North Edinburgh complained, saying that this would take all the joy out of their pastime and that they would have to come up with a new name for their group.

Apparently all this pointless whingeing about videos is what is called “getting on with the day job” for our British nationalist politicians. Personally I wish they would both learn how to bake cakes. Then we might see some real work done and even some competition for Honorary Colonel Ruth Davidson, instead of allowing her a free ride to win everything she goes in for.

Ian Greenhalgh

ABERDEEN South Tory MP Ross Thomson has criticised the Scottish Government information film, We are Scotland, for using “Scottish slang and colloquialisms”. What a depth of ignorance from a Scottish MP about the heritage and history of his own country, particularly one who represents the great city of Aberdeen where Scots has rightly been used with pride over many centuries, despite the continual pressures of Anglicisation.

By way of educating Mr Thomson, the Merriam Webster Dictionary established in 1828 defines slang as “extravagant, forced, or facetious figures of speech”, and in no way can this be applied to the Scots language which I, and many millions of other Scots, grew up speaking at home, and which is used in We are Scotland.

With my support, Renfrewshire Council is currently establishing a Renfrewshire Makar for the local authority, and the best riposte to Mr Thomson would be for other local authorities to do the same to bring back Scots into the public arena, and for the Scottish Government to introduce a Scots Language Act to eradicate once and for all the erroneous myth that Scots is some kind of bastardised English.

Cllr Andy Doig (Independent)
Renfrewshire Council

WAKE up, Scotland. Do you not realise the danger you are in? Brexit was more than a movement to leave Europe. It was a plot to create a Unitary British State by hard-nosed British nationalists.

Their first move will be to set up a government of national unity. Senior Labour Blairites will guide the Labour party to accept, and the LibDems will join anything that gives them office.

This new government will hold a referendum on a new constitution which protects the monarchy and the House of Lords. It will include the setting up of provinces, each with an assembly with limited powers. The provinces will be Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and seven regions of England. Most importantly it will make it a crime for any part of the Union to secede or for any group to canvas for this. The English would vote overwhelmingly for this.

The next move would be for the government to lobby the FA to begin talks with Fifa and Uefa for the UK to give up its four-nation representation in international football. The UK team would be run by the FA and all matches played at Wembley. Rugby would be next, with only a UK team playing internationals. Scotland, Wales and the other provinces would play in a provincial competition, the UK team would be run by the RFU and all internationals would be at Twickenham.

The government would then claim that they should delay a General Election because of Brexit and then claim that an election would be divisive and delay one indefinitely.

Do not say it could not happen. It happened this way in Nazi Germany.

Ronnie Livingstone McNeill