I WOULD like to thank you for the article about the proposed development by Flamingo Land at Balloch (The £30m leisure plan dividing the bonnie banks, June 8). It was a fair and comprehensive summing-up of the situation and tried to give all points of view.

If I may, I would like to add mine to the discussion. As a person living within walking distance of Drumkinnon Woods who frequently walks my dog through them, I would like to make a few points.

I have lived in the area all my life. The walk along the riverbank from Balloch to Lomond shores is leafy, green and pleasant. At one time the railway ran along here and It would have been noisy and dirty. I would say it is an area we can be proud of and so would disagree with Andy Millar, director of Sales for Iconic Leisure. I also take issue with his comments about Drumkinnon Woods. I am glad he thinks “there are areas that are beautiful”. The crude oil pipeline he speaks of is invisible. Over many years nature has done a wonderful job! There is a fenced-off area at the entrance to the woods, but I would imagine that would always have to be there and it does not detract from an enjoyable walk.

May I finally add that on many, many walks I have seen roe deer, rabbits, squirrels birds and bluebells but never oil drums and sofas!

So I say leave the woods to walkers and wildlife! No development please.

Janet Guthrie