WE know that hundreds of our readers are in Aberdeen at the SNP conference, most if not all as members of the party.

The Yes DIY hub knows full well that not every National reader is an SNP member, far less a delegate or attendee at the conference.

But we were asked to spot the possibilities for those who might want to take in the fringe events at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre – and for those who have not read the programme, there is a definite air of preparation for the second independence referendum, whenever that might be.

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Take, for example, the open meeting hosted by the SNP Westminster Group Justice and Home Affairs team at 9am this morning in the Gordon Suite, First Floor, Block B. Entitled Scotland’s Future Immigration Needs, the meeting will hear from Joanna Cherry MP, justice and home Affairs spokesperson; Stuart McDonald MP, immigration, asylum and border control spokesperson; Gavin Newlands MP, sport spokesperson; Dr Sarah Kyambi of Edinburgh University; and Roger Mullin, director of Momentous Change Ltd, a former MP and honours professor at Stirling University.

Of the discussion, the programme reads: “With Westminster pursuing cruel and degrading immigration policies, more than ever Scotland needs to set its own path and narrative around immigration. This year we have witnessed some of the fallout from the Prime Minister’s ‘hostile environment’ through the Windrush generation scandal, and the cruel treatment of documented children.

“This event will explore the different options that are open to Scotland in order to meet our distinct social, demographic and economic needs. It will also look specifically to the Canadian example, with provinces afforded the autonomy to set some of their own immigration policy to meet their own needs.”

Later at 12.45pm, the Gordon Suite will host a Young Scots for Independence (YSI) event entitled Catalonia, Self-Determination, and International Justice: A Conversation with Clara Ponsati.

The public meeting will hear from the former Catalan education minister and current lecturer in economics at St Andrews University, who is now facing extradition and the prospect of spending the rest of her life in prison. She will be joined by Aamer Anwar, her defence solicitor and Scotland’s leading human rights lawyer. Cherry, who is a QC as well as an MP, will be on the panel as well to speak about the trial as well as the ongoing situation in Catalonia.

A spokesperson for YSI said: Please join us to discuss what we can do to help Ms Ponsatí as she goes through this trial, and indeed what more we can do to stand up for justice internationally.”