THOSE who are slating Andrew Wilson’s conclusions on currency are missing the point. On the morning after a Yes vote, everything will change, and nothing will change. The work will have to start on transferring all the powers and institutions which will then belong to Scotland.

Nobody is suggesting that it is sterling forever just because it’s sterling now. There’s every prospect that a new and separate currency will free us from the evidently increasing weakness of the pound.

In any case, no currency is good or bad in itself: it is what’s done with it by its masters. Let us not lose sight of the Growth Commission’s key message – not can Scotland prosper on its own account, there is every prospect of genuine financial strength of the kind which will allow us to become the sort of humane, decent nation we all want to see. First, however, we have to work towards getting that key decision: anything which says authoritatively that it’s the sensible decision as well as the right one is to be valued, not nit-picked as is happening now.

Colin Stuart

Saline, Fife