I SIT at the table on Tuesday morning, as time draws near to the vote on whether Holyrood should or should not grant consent on the the UK Brexit bill, as a Scot who thinks Holyrood since its inception has been a God-send for the people of Scotland which ensures we can no longer be pushed around.

I find it difficult to understand why some, albeit mainly Conservatives who wouldn’t know how to stand up for Scotland, could even contemplate accepting a clause that pretty much ties the Scottish Government’s hands behind their backs.

I hope the majority of MSPs see this for the trick it is and deny consent. It is a sad day for the Conservatives that the devolution agreement they signed off on will not be honoured by them, however it is unsurprising when you delve into the history of Conservative governments.

I trust that when I open my paper on Wednesday I will be reading how this devious attempt at undermining agreed protocols and democracy will have been sent packing.

Bryan Auchterlonie