ONE of the most successful Yes groups from the 2014 referendum is re-launching itself tonight in West Dunbartonshire.

Yes Clydebank is inviting all Bankies who support independence to come along and share their ideas for the next campaign at the Hub Community Centre on Kilbowie Road from 7.30pm.

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Members of the Yes Clydebank steering group say they believe that as Brexit creeps ever closer, so too will a date for indyref2. The group ran an extremely successful campaign during the 2014 referendum, resulting in West Dunbartonshire returning a resounding 54 per cent Yes vote for Scottish independence against the national trend.

Danny McCafferty, local campaign co-coordinator in 2014, said: “One of the main reasons we were so successful four years ago was because we started organising well in advance of September 2014. We had our first public meeting two years before and we gradually built it from there. We want to do the same again for indyref2 – that’s why we are holding the meeting in the Hub tonight.

“We take nothing for granted, so first up, we want to find out the existing level of support for another campaign and, if it is there is, we need to get started now – we can’t wait until a date is set as we are unlikely to have a two-year run-in this time.

“The other important ingredient to our success was that people from all political parties and none got involved – party politics were put aside as we worked together to campaign for Scottish independence.

“I hope we can do the same this time round and we will be asking people who come along on Thursday to adopt the Yes movement’s indy pledge which commits us all to respect each others differences.

“At the end of the day it would be a boring world if we all agreed on every issue or policy, and but on the issue of Scottish independence we need and expect a united front.”