JUST listened to PMQs and May’s answer referring to Windrush. I cannot believe that the UK’s immigration policy is so discriminatory that it treats British Commonwealth citizens in the same light as immigrants from non-Commonwealth countries. The immigration service is targeting those that are productive in the UK, have good jobs, pay taxes and are easier to deport than the illegal immigrants who have got here under, on or inside trucks who do none of the above.

The UK is haemorrhaging talented people and putting barriers up for others to come because of the UK Government’s immigration policy and those that are enforcing this, more often than not to meet targets. We need immigration to be devolved totally to the Scottish Government; but we know that this will not be allowed under the guise of “national security”.

The only way that we will be able to attract the talent we need for Scotland is to take control of our own destiny, preferably before we are bound to direct rule by London for seven years.

Ally Currie
via thenational.scot