I WAS delighted with the reports in The National about the paper from Business for Scotland, Clarity Economics. It is clear to me that BfS are addressing the right issues and are doing so at the right time.

Scotland has a great potential to build a successful independent country which is economically sound and a model for others to learn from.

If we are going to do this we need the Scottish Government to start now – using the limited powers it has, as effectively as it can – to prepare the ground for a successful economy for an independent Scotland. It could, for example, address the question raised by Common Weal about setting up a national statistics unit, which is vital for any work on the Scottish economy, or address BfS’s point about obliging big companies and local government to pay bills within a month to help small companies.

I look forward to an open debate about the way forward to ensure not only an independent Scotland, but one which can take full advantage of its considerable economic potential.

Andy Anderson