I AM enthusiastically looking forward to marching though my home city of Glasgow on May 5.

I will be with family and friends both new and old. I have a banner currently being made which addresses the democratic deficit that Scotland has laboured under for years.

We need a bit more. Marches and marchers work best with music– the right music.

Now to be clear I cannie haud a tune in a bucket. If encourage I will sing badly but even worse I struggle to remember the words. Yet for that “roar across Scotland” to be successful music – the right music will make a massive difference to presenting our aims and filling hearts with hope and confidence in Scotland.

So come on all you singers you have so much to contribute. Please give us all the confidence to sing “to the moon and back”.

Let My People Go moves the heart so does Do You Hear The People Sing? from Les Mis but we need our anthem, we need our songs to tell our story in Scotland now in 2018

So what to sing and how to make it happen? Can you help?
Mary Baxter
A Happy Perthshire Refugee