IN all of the articles about the Yes groups in The National, we are asked to get involved in the process of working up to the next referendum but there’s always one problem that causes myself, and probably many others, to be unable join in.

That is the insistence of using Facebook and Twitter as the means to contact the groups ... but if you do not use Facebook and Twitter you’re locked out from getting involved simply due to being unable to contact them.

I have a Yes group locally, Yes Cumbernauld, but on searching online for a way to contact them, all I can find is Facebook and Twitter or links for pre-2014 sites that are now long dead.

I even have the Indy App, which seems completely useless to an individual as it is really made for groups, but it doesn’t appear to work either (having tried to contact a local group through the app, and failed).

So, if you’re a Yes campaigner running a group, please take into consideration that not all use Facebook or Twitter, either by choice or because they can’t due to the devices they have, and make it easier to find you ... please.
James Ormiston
via email