MUSSELBURGH will host the latest National roadshow on Wednesday just a few days after the local Yes group’s committee formally reconstituted itself.

Some 30 people attended the committee meeting last week – three times the average number in 2013-14.

Fraser McAllister told Yes DIY: “Whereas one woman would normally attend now we have a gender balance. Officer bearers were duly elected – all women.

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“The woman responsible for reforming the group simply asked folk round for tea, bun and a chat.

“So far 149 local Yes groups have registered with the nationwide networking tool Indy App and I would be surprised if our experience is unique.

“Much has happened since the first Scottish independence referendum which makes the outcome of indyref2 unlikely to be a re-run.

“Looking back one change may stand out as having been the decider. Scotland is 52 per cent female and in 2014 the majority of them voted No. Now this magnificent grassroots movement is being led by women.

“The peaceful, creative, nurturing and enduring power of women – that indomitable spirit – has made common cause.”

We are hearing the same thing is happening across the Yes DIY movement. You might say sisters are doing it for themselves.

The roadshow will be at the Ravelston House Hotel in the High Street, Musselburgh from 7pm on Wednesday when National editor Callum Baird will attend with Paul Kavanagh and the Wee Ginger Dug.