FOLLOWING the pathetic speech at Mansion House the other day where May blathered on about “deep and special relationships” and other such fluff, the response from Donald Tusk to proposals for the negotiations were stark and very bleak indeed for the UK and Scotland in particular.

May can waffle on all she likes about her “wishlist” for the Brexit end game but that is all they will ever be: wishes. At no time in the entire process has she or any other member of her useless Cabinet ever produced any proposals that one could honestly label “achievable”.

And so it will continue, May and co will continue to talk fantasy and the right-wing media will continue to support them with lies and slander in the hope that the citizens of this country will eventually roll over and lose interest and we will then be pulled out of the EU on terms so unfavourable that one will be left asking the simple question: “Why?”

Why are these minority rabid Brexiteers capable of inflicting such wanton damage on our country – and by country I refer to Scotland – when we voted overwhelmingly to Remain?

Why will our agriculture, our fisheries and our precious food and drinks industry be bargained away at the altar of Brexit just so these fools can have their day and say we are our own nation and will command our own destiny?

The answer is that they will not own their own destiny. Far from it, as we will then be at the mercy of any other nation that is stupid enough to become involved in an economic basket case in forming trade deals.

We will not get any more favourable terms in these negotiations as we will be the nation with the begging bowl desperate for trade. I can think of no other nation on earth that is insane enough to leave an organisation that offers massive free trade, and has the clout to make deals with others outside their exclusive sphere of influence, all this just to be able to say we no longer answer to Brussels. A hefty price to pay!

So let us bring it closer to home and see just where we are in this sorry situation. We have a Scottish Government that is trying desperately to minimise the terrible damage that is coming to our economy and our society, ably assisted by like-minded opposition parties such as the Greens. We have a small but still vocal number of Scottish Conservatives led by Bake Off star Colonel Davidson. This motley crew includes the hapless Tomkins, who did his best to impersonate a clown in the debate on the Scottish Government’s continuity bill. He and the rest of this useless bunch had their collective heads firmly stuck in the Brexit sand and added nothing of value to this debate, preferring instead to howl SNP Baaad!

As usual therefore it is left to the SNP Scottish Government, with the help of the astute Green Party, to consistently look after the interests of Scotland. With no inter-party politics at play they have time and again proved this and now especially, at this critical juncture in our history, their diligence is most needed.

If, as seems likely, we are to be wrenched out of the EU against our will, and have our wellbeing ignored, it would seem that now is the time to make moves to call indyref2 before this bunch of self-absorbed lunatics cause irreparable damage to our country.

Ade Hegney

IT’S hard to avoid the conclusion that whoever is advising Theresa May is an aspiring scriptwriter for The Thick Of It.

How on earth could they have thought it was a good idea to place her in front of a “brick wall” that was as fake as her enthusiasm for Brexit?

Joan Brown