AS the Yes DIY movement grows from the grassroots up, throughout Scotland there has been an explosion of pro-independence hubs, and in Angus alone four have opened in the last nine months.

These hubs are run by dedicated volunteers with one vision and that’s an independent Scotland – what’s more they are usually financed out of the volunteers’ pockets.

Bill Golden from Forfar wrote to tell us about the new Angus hubs: “They are offering something that was sadly missing across many parts of the country at the last referendum and that is a base for the local activists to meet and co-ordinate their campaigns.”

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He makes a passionate appeal to National readers: “As yet, we do not know when the next referendum will be called but what we do know is that some want it straight away while others say 18 months, but one thing is clear and it’s that if you want to have bases like these hubs to work from, then more people have to get involved.

“This help can be either by getting involved in the running of the hubs and/or giving financial help to keep them open. Remember rent, heating and lighting etc must be paid for. So, come on and don’t leave it to others, get involved.

“All hubs are open to ideas as to how to get people involved and I have not the slightest doubt they will all welcome you, your ideas and any financial help that you can give with open arms. Please help your local hub in any way you can.”

We could not have put it better ourselves.