JOAN Savage’s excellent letter about Sainsbury’s branding of Scottish products with the Union flag clearly identified the growing profusion of Union flags on Scottish products throughout our supermarkets (Letters, Februrary 12).

Although there are honourable exceptions such as Aldi and Co-op Food, it is surely no co-incidence that since 2014 certain supermarkets, which backed the Unionists, are now pinning a Union flag where a Saltire (or no flag) once was placed.

The Scottish brand has a proud history of quality and purity of produce, a standard for the most part not achieved by the UK brand, no matter how good that produce might be. It is important for the success of our food industry that the Saltire identification should be retained.

Let us call upon all MSPs and MPs of Scottish seats, including the Tories and LibDems, to stand up for Scotland by contacting retailers to reverse a decision which undermines the uniqueness of our Scottish produce by subsuming it into the UK food industry.

Lorna Hutcheson
Newton Mearns