SO predictable was First Ministers Questions yesterday, as opposition parties slammed the Scottish Government’s Budget, which has received democratic approval from the Holyrood Parliament.

We heard the Conservatives pleading the case for the well-off, who are being asked to pay a little more through new progressive taxation levels.

Then we had Labour, through Richard Leonard, unable to recognise that taxation for the less well-off is coming down as he pleaded their case.

Progressive taxation is the way forward for any socially just society and has allowed the Scottish Government to increase funding to our local authorities, who provide services that we all depend on daily.

This Budget has secured a three per cent wage rise for 75 per cent of public-sector employees who earn less than £36,500 and by opposing it, Labour and the Conservatives would in effect deny public-sector employees (who have endured a one per cent wage rise for a number of years) in their constituencies a wage rise – shame on them.

Catriona C Clark