THERE are very few union flags that have the Scottish part of the flag the true colour of blue, which should be sky blue.

Most are navy blue, and in the flags flying in the Mall in London the blue is nearly black. This is an insult to Scotland – has nobody else noticed?

Why should the flag be raised in Scotland if it isn’t correct?

Derek Smith

I NOTE with amusement that the union flag in the photograph accompanying Wee Ginger Dug’s article (Flag-obsessed nationalists need to get on with day job,The National, Saturday January 27) is flying upside down.

This is regarded by flagophiles as a serious insult to our great partnership of nations.

I wonder whether the flag hanger in this case hung it this way through ignorance or (as I would like to believe) as his own comment on the current ridiculous stooshie about flags.

Ken Gilmour