TWO top female speakers will be giving their views on matters of great importance to the Yes DIY movement at separate events in Perth and Leith tonight.

In the Fair City, former MSP, Women For Independence member and National columnist Carolyn Leckie will be joining Common Weal Perth and Kinross to offer her views on recent developments and where we go from here.

With a second Scottish independence referendum looking ever more likely, which groups of voters should the Yes campaign be focusing on, and what are the arguments that will win them over?

Expect a singular view from Carolyn, who will be speaking at the Blend coffee lounge, 274 High St, Perth, from 7pm.

Common Weal Perth and Kinross said: “Come along and take part in what’s sure to be a fascinating discussion. Admission is free and all are welcome. For more information see Facebook.”

Also tonight, Yes Edinburgh North and Leith are presenting a talk by Katherine Trebeck who will be speaking about “Prosperity beyond GPD in an Independent Scotland” at Leith Dockers’ Club, 12 Academy Street from 7-9pm.

For those who have not previously heard Katherine speaking, she is an expert on economics who is the lead researcher for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and who has previously worked for Oxfam.

At the recent Democracy 21 event she argued powerfully that we live under an “intellectual stranglehold” where questioning the economic orthodoxy is not permitted. Expect to hear more about that tonight.