I’LL let you into a secret. We need to stop Brexit. Scotland voted against it, across every counting region, even after a rubbish and lacklustre Remain campaign UK-wide.

Almost two years later, it is clear to anyone with any wit to look that there’s no good news in it for our society nor our economy. There’s no good news for the fish catching sector because EU market access is essential for our product, and the processing and aquaculture sectors face a doomsday scenario.

Peace in Northern Ireland is under serious threat. EU nationals – new Scots – feel anxious in our society. Brexit is being used as a pretext, by even this divided and chaotic Tory government, to rip up the devolution settlement, neutering our national Parliament for years to come – if not forever.

I also, to be frank with readers of The National, do not see any scenario in which Brexit will make independence for Scotland more likely. Quite the reverse, I think as people experience the economic chaos Brexit will bring, they’ll stick to as much certainty as possible even if it is the certainty of shared disaster.

Despite the glib sound bites like “sea of opportunity” or “green Brexit”, it is clear that there is nothing but downside short term, and absolutely no vision of anything even medium term. Even this week we heard that the long-awaited UK Government White Paper – which was supposed to give us all some clarity of what they even want to achieve in the longer term – will be delayed because this government can’t even agree across the Cabinet table. Almost TWO YEARS after triggering Article 50, a time--limited process. An act so reckless it defies explanation.

If you’re fed up with Brexit spare a thought for your MEPs and our teams – you can witness what we’ve been through on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.

A sense every day of howling into a void, watching over-promoted (in every sense) posh boys asserting with the confidence of generations of public school education that it’ll somehow be alright on the night, that someone will somehow sort it out. Any objection or inconsistency dismissed, loudly and aggressively, as scaremongering.

There’s been times I’ve felt like throwing in the towel myself, retreating to a different job entirely or going to do something else with my day. But for better or worse I’ve stuck in there, because it is important to remember that we’re right.

More than that, I think we’re now almost at the point where we have a collective choice to make. Either kill Brexit, or let it be thrust upon us.

I’m under no illusions about the implications of reversing Brexit – I’ve written about it extensively in this column. A lot of people, largely down south, will be angry, and we’ll need to step up the argument for the EU, for solidarity and the advantages we enjoy in the face of a reinvigorated Ukip and their shills.

Frankly, considering that Brexit is going to hurt many of those who voted Leave the most, there is going to be a lot of anger whatever happens next, but if we stop Brexit there will still be a fighting chance that a government could help change their lives. With the impact of a hard Brexit, there is none. Here in Scotland life is simpler: Scotland rejected Brexit in the first place, that is my instruction and the starting point for the Scottish Government.

So now is the time to get more engaged, not less. The blizzard of propaganda is wall-to-wall, but it is important to remember it is not there to make you believe it – it is to stop you believing anything else, to sap your time, your energy and will to fight. Well, we need to fight and we need to win, so here are a few ideas:

1. Know your stuff. There’s a welter of EU experts these days, some more partial than others. Good information is out there and it is the immunisation against spin. Start at www.scotlandineurope.eu for some facts. My office also produces a weekly email update each Friday of things often missed in the maelstrom, sign up at www.alynsmith.eu/stay_informed

2. Sign up. The Scotland for Europe Declaration organised by SCVO, the European Movement in Scotland and the Scottish Centre for European Relations is live now and they’re organising. It can be found at their websites and at www.change.org.

3. Be vocal, shy weans get no sweeties. Share information on social media, be vocal in your community, speak up. Write letters to the newspapers, locally and nationally. Rest assured there is a tiny but organised group of Brexiters trying desperately to give the impression there’s loads of them. There isn’t, speak up.

4. Pressure your representatives. This is going to, as it always was, play out on the floor of the House of Commons. No it would not be my favoured venue either, but there we are. Brexit is built on sand and the MPs are uniquely vulnerable to pressure, write to yours. Call his or her office, turn up at their constituency surgeries to ask how they’re voting. Hint: the SNP team is solid, but don’t assume Labour, or Tory MPs will vote a particular way because their party will – get in touch and find out.

5. Show support for those trying to stop Brexit even if (actually, especially if) you don’t agree with them on much else. Like the Yes moment, diversity is a strength. We need people from all backgrounds and political persuasions to stop this. It can be a lonely fight, and support and encouragement in any form makes a real difference.

We can turn this around, we need to for all our sakes. It is perfectly possible to revoke Article 50 in the same way as it was triggered. That will not end the argument but it will stop the clock ticking ever louder.

I remain, more than ever, convinced that independence will be Scotland’s way out of a UK that I fear will be looking more and more like a psychodrama than any modern democracy – but I think Brexit is in the way, not a way to that. We’re now in the endgame. Now is the time to make your voice heard.