I READ the article from author Emma Grae, where she stated that she along with Iona Fyfe, and others who champion one of our own ancestors auld languages, are being told by faceless trolls they are spreading division and hatred when all they are doing is try to keep one of our own country’s auld languages alive (If Scots is so bad, why dae we aw speak it? Oct 26). This is absolutely monstrous.

England has form when it comes to enforcing its culture and belief systems onto the many countries it has invaded, ransacked, and taken over in the last 1000 years, in its relentless quest for power and greed.

Churchill famously said “the Irish are a queer lot, they simply refuse to be English.” It is one of many quotes of complete absurdity from people from private education in England who actually believed they were some kind of superior being to other peoples and nations on this earth, simply down to some perverse private education, usually paid for from the ill-gotten gains from either slavery – which of course was the largest and most profitable industry in England for many years – or from sweat shops or actual land stealing.

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There are stories of little Gaelic speaking-children from the Scottish islands who had to leave their parents to go and be educated in English on the mainland. They experienced a time of the utmost misery, where on top of being in an alien environment to them, away from the loving embrace of their parents, the parents also suffered themselves as they needed the children’s help round the croft.

So it was a real double whammy of utter misery, but that the poor children then also literally having the Gaelic beaten out of them – they often had to endure the entire class being beaten to a pulp with a cane or some other inhuman instrument, if one single pupil in the room dared to speak their own mother tongue – is quite simply cruelty beyond words.

Young children should never, ever have to endure this absolutely monstrous situation from the hands of anyone, never mind an invader trying to batter their own land’s culture out of them.

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Which brings me back to the present day, to people claiming to be Scots scream obscenities when intelligent, articulate young Scots have the audacity to dare try to keep one of our land’s own auld languages aflame.

Stop for one moment and think just how absolutely absurd this situation is.

We must surely be the only nation on earth that does not embrace the chance to rekindle the flames of our past.

Alas, if we are blatantly honest about this, the dreaded B-word is usually to be found to be the real reason for this outrage and anger every time. When you take the time to dig down – and you really don’t have to dig down very far to find it, as with some people it emanates from them like a beacon – bigotry.

Do these very same people not realise that the establishment in London doesn’t give a damn about any of them at all, or in fact for any of us up here, they simply covet, and need, our land and its enormous resources?

How Westminster must laugh at these utter fools, for doing their hard work for them.

Emma and Iona, I, and many others, salute you. Keep up the great work and let’s make this country the country we all know it can be.

Independence cannot come a moment too soon, and Nicola Sturgeon and her party had better not let us down, as they have the chance to make this wonderful wee country a hugely successful, happy land.

Iain K