The National:

THE Queen’s state funeral was a sombre affair as leaders from across the globe jetted in to pay their final respects to the late Monarch.

However, one report from Channel 4 couldn’t help but bring a smile after what felt like an incredibly long week of mourning.

Ciaran Jenkins was reporting from a South Lanarkshire care home to show a group of elderly patrons singing God Save the King alongside a conspicuous pile of marmalade sandwiches – which no news segment is complete without these days.

However, an unexpected turn was taken when the residents burst into a chorus of our national anthem – Flower of Scotland. Something so strikingly and distinctly Scottish was especially welcome in a week marked by so much imagery of the Union.

It was of particular amusement when reference to "Edward's army" and an old invitation for him "tae think again" could be so clearly heard over the microphone.

But just as the singers were getting into their stride, Jenkins asked one resident named Margaret if he could “pull her away from the singing”.

With a seemingly rehearsed tone, he asked: “Margaret, what has it meant to you to watch the funeral here with all your friends around you?”

To which she replied: “I’ll try and remember what I said the first time.”

The levity of the moment was hard not to appreciate as journalists across the country continually try and find a new way of saying something that has been said a million times over in the last week.

And it would be dishonest to say that there is not some satisfaction in seeing one of the hundreds of carefully curated moments that have been broadcast in the wake of the Queen’s passing not coming together as intended.

Especially since the final product was so refreshingly genuine, human and warm.