The National:

"That's a lie, a direct lie, he's lying, that's a lie, that's a lie, that is a lie, a direct lie, direct lie, that is a lie, he's lying.

"You've also lied that we left negotiations on Saturday and went to a rally. There were no negotiations scheduled for Saturday. You are a liar."

These were the entertaining words of Mick Lynch, secretary-general of the RMT union, on Newsnight as he made his feelings about the UK Government abundantly clear. What a hero.

About time someone did eh?!

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He directed his words at Chris Philp, digital minister, as he tried to argue against strike action taking place across railways in England, Scotland and Wales, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week.

Philp didn't have much chance, as Lynch repeatedly told him what we'd all like to hear more of from our elected politicians who are, of course, not allowed to accuse anyone of lying in the House of Commons

Wouldn't it have been great if Ian Blackford had been allowed to say what we all know is true and call Boris Johnson a liar, week after week?!

He also gave Kay Burley a hard time on Sky News as he stood in disbelief at her line of questioning.

She repeatedly asked him what picketing would involve on Tuesday, questioning at one point whether the action would become like the miners' strike in the 1980s.

Lynch once again turned the interview into a bit of a comedy sketch as Burley began to look more and more uncomfortable.

We hope Lynch has provided some inspiration and we hear more fearless speeches about what the UK Government is really like in the coming weeks.