THE UK could increase solar power to more than six times its current level over the next decade, according to a new report.

The British solar company Solarcentury’s study found the UK could have the potential to increase solar deployment by 2030 to more than six times current levels.

This increased deployment could lead to the creation of 200,000 green jobs in the UK and would create a significant proportion of UK buildings that posses solar and battery storage.

Leonie Greene, director of New Markets at the Solar Trade Association (STA) said: “This ambitious report illustrates the growing potential and confidence in the solar industry.

“Solar is affordable, popular and proven but Government, network providers and regulators must deliver an effective market framework. This would enable business and the public to embrace this technology at an unprecedented rate to tackle the climate emergency.”

In other solar news, a report released yesterday by the Energy Data Taskforce called for a single data base on all forms of energy generation.

The call was made due to the belief that this would allow better use of data in order to unlock the benefits of decarbonisation and decentralisation.

Chris Hewett, chief executive at STA stated: “The urgent need for transparency within the energy sector has been abundantly clear for years.

“We welcome the findings of the report and call on government and respective agencies to swiftly implement its recommendations and ensure that the breakdown of deployment data is in the public domain.”

Until recently, the Government has relied on records maintained through subsidy schemes to monitor solar photovoltaic deployment.

However, these are no longer in place meaning that no reliable data on solar PV deployment is publicly available causing the government to come under parliamentary scrutiny over the monitoring of energy generation technologies in recent weeks.

Both these reports come during the same week that the UK is set to legislate for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.