THE BT Group has generated £1.2 billion for the economy in Scotland, a new study reports.

The Economic Impact of BT Group plc in the UK, by Hatch Regeneris, indicates that BT was responsible for £1 in every £110 produced north of the Border in the 2017-18 financial year.

BT directly employs around 7700 people in Scotland but thanks to spending through contractors, suppliers and employees it is estimated to support the equivalent of 20,690 full-time jobs.

BT Group UK nations and regions director, Jane Wood (pictured below), said: “Few companies play as important a role in Scotland as BT Group. We’re proud to be one of Scotland’s largest private sector employers and investors.

“Our investments, including the latest 5G mobile technology through our mobile network EE, will ensure Scotland continues to be one of the world’s best-connected economies.

“With more than 7700 people directly employed in the country, spending their salaries in local businesses, as well as regularly volunteering on activities such as our Barefoot tech literacy programme in schools, our people are at the heart of nearly every community.”

Across the UK, BT Group supports an estimated 290,000 full-time jobs, directly employs 94,800 people and generated £22.8 billion for the economy in 2017-18.

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland director, said: “BT is a major employer in Scotland and its investment in the nation not only means a boost to local economies but also to skills and high quality jobs, including recruiting apprentices and graduates.

“BT’s investment in the fastest networks and latest technology is also vital for the country. Being connected is essential for our businesses, for boosting productivity and for improving quality of life in all our communities.”