TWO expert chefs at Edinburgh’s largest independent hotel have been promoted as the establishment shows no signs of halting its development.

Alan Dickson, last year’s Hotel Chef of the Year at the Scottish Hotel Awards and colleague Jamie Reid, have been promoted to executive chef and head chef respectively at Ten Hill Place, which is run by the commercial arm of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Dickson, 29, started his adventure with cooking 10 years ago and his new role will see him step back from the kitchen to oversee the logistics of running the establishment. He said: “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help build the necessary infrastructure to support the expansion of the hotel and I’m intrigued as to where we’ll be in five years’ time.

“We’re very unique compared to other hotels in that we have a lot of creative freedom in the kitchen.”

Reid, 23, added: “It’s a tremendous place to work. The variety of work and freedom in creativity really enables you to advance your skills.”