THE Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Cumbernauld Glen Wildlife Reserve is to be improved for visitors and native species alike thanks to funding from social and environmental enterprise WREN.

A grant of £86,796 will allow 15 hectares of non-native woodland to be selectively thinned, with more than 4000 native trees set to be planted in woods and hedgerows.

Several ponds will be built, nesting posts for birds of prey will be installed and new wildflower meadows will be sown in gaps in the woodland.

Reserve manager Duncan Clark said: “This welcome funding from WREN will help us continue our long-term plan to increase the amount of native woodland within Cumbernauld. Creating new habitats for wildlife and controlling non-native species will make the reserve a better place for wildlife, and in turn make it a more interesting place for people to visit.”

The spread of non-native species, such as Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam, will also be limited.