ICE cream lovers have been urged to check their wallets because the first person to bring the new “I” 10p coin to an Aberdeen ice cream shop will win a meal for two.

Following the Royal Mint’s Great British Coin Hunt launch, which features a special 10p collection celebrating an A-Z of what makes the UK great, Mackie’s 19.2 will reward the customer who first identifies the rare letter “I” ice cream coin with anything from the parlour’s menu.

And even once when first coin has been found and awarded – the parlour, which is located in Marischal Square – will provide all further “I for ice cream” coin-bearers with two scoops of their choice.

Manager Yvette Harrison said: “As soon as we found out that the Royal Mint had chosen ice cream as one of its 26 staples of British life we simply had to celebrate it. Not only that – everyone at 19.2 is desperate to see one of the coins, so hopefully somebody will find one soon. Make sure to tell all your friends and family to keep an eye out!”