SHOPPERS are still being charged extra fees for using debit or credit cards more than a month after a new law banned the practice, a survey has found.

Companies are no longer allowed to charge customers up to 20 per cent more for purchases just for paying with a card under the rules that took effect on January 13.

But research consultancy Consumer Intelligence found 14 per cent of shoppers have been charged an additional fee to pay with a credit card online or in stores since then.

Its survey found shoppers are also being charged a range of fees under different names, such as booking fees, transaction fees and administration charges. Some 21 per cent said they had been charged a booking fee for using a credit card since January 13, while 13 per cent have been asked to pay a transaction fee or an administration charge.

Consumer group Which? also said people were still paying fees, facing minimum spend limits or being refused the option of using their card altogether.