A FAMILY-OWNED Scottish ice cream firm has seen a surge in exports and is set to record major growth in the Asian market this year.

Building on past success in Taiwan and Korea, Mackie’s of Scotland is now projecting a year-on-year increase in ice cream export sales, which are forecast to deliver £1 million in revenue this year.

Taiwan has increased its order of three shipping containers to 14, while Korea has already placed an order of eight containers to be delivered in 2018.

Most of the Asian orders are shipped via specialised 40-foot refrigerated containers, which spend six weeks on the open-seas, with a large container packed with over 20,000 litres of ice cream leaving the Aberdeenshire farm most weeks.

Ivan Jefford of Mackie’s said: “I think that what’s attracted Asian buyers to Mackie’s is the journey from the Scottish farm with their own dairy herd producing the fresh cream and milk, mixed with renewable energy and tailored packaging.”