BANK workers in Edinburgh raised £500,000 for a charity drive to end homelessness.

Staff from Clydesdale Bank owners, CYBG, held a reception for Social Bite who arranged the Sleep In The Park event.

The mass sleepout in Edinburgh on December 9 aimed to raise funds to eradicate homelessness over the next five years.

The £500,000 cheque was presented to Social Bite founder Josh Littlejohn by Gerry Magee, head of brand marketing at CYBG.

David Duffy, CEO at CYBG, said: “Sleep In The Park was an event that no-one in CYBG will forget.

“It was our great pleasure to be involved in this campaign — the atmosphere, and camaraderie on the night was something very special.

“We also couldn’t have predicted just how cold it would be, but that just brought home the reality

facing the thousands of people who sleep out on the streets every night, especially given the recent weather. It’s not acceptable, and more needs to be done to

tackle the issue.”