SCOTLAND’s public sector is one of the most important markets for the country’s digital technologies, and is worth more than £800 million a year, according to new research.

However, ScotlandIS, the trade body representing the digital technologies industry, said information about its current size and future developments has been very limited.

Now ScotlandIS has collated and analysed data for current and projected public sector expenditure on information and communications technology (ICT) in Scotland to simplify the assessment of market opportunities and take informed investment decisions.

It is preparing to launch a report – Public Sector ICT Expenditure in Scotland – to provide a comprehensive view of the sector, which was valued at £811m in 2016/17, at a level of detail that has never before been available.

The document, produced in partnership with the Scottish Government, breaks down the actual spend on ICT by area of the public sector over the past six years, as well as forecasting outlays up to 2021.

It examines various areas of the market, and highlights opportunities for businesses to win contracts.

Colin Cook, digital director of the Scottish Government, said: “This report demonstrates the importance of the public sector within the digital economy, and the Scottish Government is actively strengthening this relationship.

“I trust that this report will provide tech companies already supplying goods and services to the public sector with further guidance on future business opportunities, and provide companies that are new to public sector procurement with a better understanding of the opportunities that are available.”

The report predicts an increase in spending on mobile and flexible working.

The move to the cloud in both its private and hybrid forms is forecast to continue. Increased public sector spending on cyber security hardware and software is also anticipated.

Polly Purvis, CEO of ScotlandIS, said: “We conducted this research to respond to demand from members. The report is focused purely on the situation in Scotland with findings at a level of granularity that has not been available before.”

Breakfast briefings to launch the report will take place tomorrow in Edinburgh and Thursday in Glasgow.

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