THE body representing Scotland’s digital technologies industry is launching two key projects to open up opportunities for Scottish businesses in the fields of cybersecurity and Internet of Things.

ScotlandIS’s work will focus particularly around smart transport and smart cities.

The organisation will co-host the digital clusters for Mobility as a Service Scotland, in partnership with Technology Scotland, and Cyber Resilience, in conjunction with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre.

The projects cement ScotlandIS’s position as the authority for digital technologies in Scotland and present a range of opportunities for the country’s digital technology companies to influence the evolution of each project.

Polly Purvis, chief executive of ScotlandIS, said: “Building intelligent and coordinated public transport networks will be key in addressing society’s mobility needs in the years ahead and our members will be involved in shaping this major project.

“Cyber resilience is already a vital area with a constant need to protect businesses, and society in general. The cyber resilience project presents exceptional opportunities for companies.”

to develop new products and services to ensure a secure operating environment for businesses, and citizens.

“For our members, being involved in the respective clusters allows them to influence major digital projects that will benefit Scotland as a whole and will provide business opportunities here and further afield.”

MaaS is viewed as a dominant force in the future of travel. Driven by technological advances and changes in people’s needs and values, MaaS brings all means of travel, transport providers and payment options together into one single service, giving customers instant/seamless access to all transport modes, from trains and trams to buses and bikes. It also offers significant opportunities in other aspects of smart cities and smart mobility, enabling the harnessing of data from sensors and imaging systems to improve for example air quality and citizen security.

The Cyber Resilience role builds on work already undertaken to understand and map the cyber security landscape in Scotland. ScotlandIS and SBRC will be working to engage Scottish industry and the public sector to make the cyber security sector attractive to investors and deliver a compelling international proposition. The cluster will provide a powerful voice in strengthening, representing and channeling this vital emerging market.