EDINBURGH craft brewer Innis & Gunn is to sell shares in the company for the price of eight cans.

Brewery boss Dougal Gunn is launching a fundraising drive on the Crowdcube website, in a bid to raise £1 million in equity. To do that, the master brewer is to sell two per cent of the company’s share capital.

“By democratising the company in this way, we’re saying to everyone you can be a part of this. You can join this business, you can own a part of this business, and with us you can help shape its future,” Gunn told The National.

The Aberdeen-born beer-magnate launched a similar fundraising drive last year, selling bonds, where those investing upwards of £500 over four years, were promised a return of 7.25 per cent per year.

As useful as the £2.5m raised in that drive was to the company, Gunn was thrilled that it created a community of Innis & Gunn enthusiasts, putting him in direct contact with his beer drinkers.

“We can have conversations through email, or face-to-face. It’s great to get their opinions. To me it’s a real virtuous circle. Having a wide group of inventors who are engaged about our beers, really helps business,” he said.

The money is being raised primarily to invest in bars.

Gunn says they’ve identified a site in Glasgow, and are looking to open another four venues next year.

Other money raised through what the company are calling their Adventure Capital push, will be to develop the barrel store at their brewery in Perth.