LUXURY ice cream favourites, Mackie’s of Scotland, has bucked the trend of producers in its sector by recording a substantial increase in year-on-year sales.

Generating more than £13 million in domestic retail sales at the checkout, Mackie’s loyal customer base swelled over the most recent recorded 12 month period (up until the end of January 2016), leading to an 8.3 per cent increase on 2014/15’s figures of £12m.

As a result, the Aberdeenshire firm now has approximately two per cent of the total UK market share, on volume of ice cream sold.

These findings were published by Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, with the report detailing a notable dip in ice cream and dessert sales, across the UK.

In the same report, leading manufacturers General Mills, Nestle and Mars all posted declines in both value and quantity sold, with market leader Unilever posting less that one per cent growth.