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COMMENT We saw the true Christmas spirit when Kaiam workers needed help

WHEN the going gets tough, Livingston gets organised. Even though it was the run-up to Christmas and most folk had planned to be getting their own homes and families ready for the festive period, within an hour of opening on Saturday, December 22, the Kaiam community hub was stacked full of toys, hundreds of pounds of vouchers and cash, gift boxes, selection boxes and food.

Hannah Bardell: Scotland needs its own trade policy to keep us safe from dangerous Tory deals

ANYONE who was worried about the controversial US-EU trade deal TTIP needs to take notice of the UK Government’s trade Bill, which slipped quietly into Parliament in the shadow of the EU Withdrawal Bill. The trade Bill could pave the way for post-Brexit trade deals just like TTIP (or worse). So we could be looking at trade deals that give multinational companies their own court system by which to sue governments, threaten public services, including the NHS, and undermine laws and regulations designed to protect public health and the environment.