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Comment Antonia Uri: Will aa o this mak a fresh stairt for Scots produce?

WI aabody stockin up on maet an ither neccesities for fear o nae haein eneuch tae get throu self-isolation due tae the coronavirus, ye wunner wither or nae we’re suin gaun tae be able tae get a fair skelp o products intae oor shops if they are made or grown somewey else. Aaready, for wiks, the shelves hiv been bare an fowk hiv been strugglin tae buy the necessities.

Comment Here’s the problem wi the trad wife muivement

A NEW muivement has been gaitherin interest an gettin fowk spikkin. Social media is fu o discussions aboot fit why fowk are for or agin the idea o weemin the day rejectin modern feminism an believin that it is preventin weemin fae achievin true happiness. Them fa belang tae the muivement mentain the view that for aa females tae be happy an content wi their lives, they maun fully embrace their femininity an domestic submission. Trad wives are takin ower.

Strenthenin international ties wi Scotland’s twin toons

TWINNIN toons wi ither toons in far aff furrin kintras seems tae be the dane thing in the north-east. Aiberdeen itsel has five twin cities – Stavanger in Norway, Regensburg in Bavarian Germany, Gomel in Belarus, Clermont-Ferrand in central France an Bulawayo doon in Zimbabwe. Growen up, Ah wad tak notice o the sign as ye enter the Broch sayin “Fraserburgh twinned with Bressuire, France” jist aboot ivery day. If nae, it wad be the sign wi “Peterhead twinned with Älesund, Norway” plaistert aa ower it that wad catch ma ee. The latter wad aften spark a wee flicker o jey in ma young hert – it is ayeweys fine tae ken that the place that ye caa hame has ties o some kyne wi the kintra o yer ancestors.

Flooery achievement for the Scots Government

THE current Scots Government has daen mony a thing richt, an mony o the things fit they hiv daen richt can be classed as “big things”. Aye, the introduction o the baby box for ivery bairn born in the kintra wis a “big thing”. Sae was the Scots Government bein ane o the first in the warld tae revolutionise the fecht agin period poverty. Oor government continuallie makkin shuir that Scots citizens hiv free access tae higher education, an dinnae hae tae pey sickenin perscription chairges, i

A gye rocky month for ae north-east lifeboat service

SOME fowk dinnae really fash themsels ower muckle aboot the fact that we bide on an island, but for ithers bein on the coast has an incredible impact on foo they live their lives. Oor bonnie coastlines can bring us sae muckle jey – whether it be jist sittin on the saunds savourin a hattie fae ane o oor award-winnin ice cream shoppies on the ae day o summer that we get ilka ‘ear, or the revenue that is tane in thanks tae peyin tourists fa traivel fae far an wide jist tae hae their braiths tan