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comment How can English Labour fix its problems? Back Nicola Sturgeon

IT was good to see the First Minister back in fighting form last week, pushing forward the case for independence with renewed vigour. The overall approach – to contrast the risk and dangers of staying in the UK with the opportunities of independence – is a sound one. Independence will not make everything better overnight, but it offers a lifeline we must take, because if we don’t become independent, we know for a fact that things will only get worse.

COMMENT Two principles for an independent Scotland: Democracy and responsibility

THE principle of self-government unites all supporters of Scottish independence. This principle has two dimensions. The first is a national dimension: that Scotland should be governed by people in Scotland, and not from Westminster. The second, without which the first is meaningless, is a democratic dimension: that those who govern Scotland should be representative of, and responsible to, the people of Scotland.

COMMENT ‘Good laws and good arms’: Why democracy is key to defence

NICCOLO Machiavelli is best known for The Prince, in which he gives advice to the Medici prince in the government of Florence. The interpretation of that short and difficult book has given rise to much controversy. Is Machiavelli pragmatically making the best of bad situation, in at least making sure the Prince receives honest advice? Is he angling for a job, and hang his principles? Or is the Prince an elaborate work of satire?