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Comment John Finnie: Our land can’t just be a bonnie visitor attraction

MAKE no mistake, Boris Johnson is desperate to give the United States exactly what it wants when it comes to securing his new glittering trade deal. Rightly, much of the focus has been on whether this means opening the NHS to American market forces or allowing our food standards to drop to get cheap imports that will put Scottish farmers under enormous pressure.

Greener transport will help our lives, not just our planet

DISCUSSIONS in, and certainly around, parliament in recent days have often been dominated by the ongoing climate emergency. It’s heartening to see this issue at the top of the political agenda and igniting the passions of the public, but the debate has often been frustrating.

Comment Scotland's drugs death crisis and why we need to act

THERE were 934 drug deaths in Scotland in 2017. This shocking statistic, around eight times the EU average, shows that our current approach to the drugs crisis is not working. By way of comparison, there were 146 road traffic deaths in the same year.