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Comment Scotland has a problem we still refuse to acknowledge. It's time to deal with it

IS it a far reach to say that implicit bias, unconscious prejudice, and stereotypes are harmful? I don’t think so. Sometimes they can be just as harmful as overt racism. Remember when two black men waiting on a friend at a Starbucks were arrested by Philadelphia police for loitering, or when Dove Soap ran an advertisement on Facebook showing a black woman turning white after using their soap? These instances imply that black men sitting in a cafe are a threat and that black skin is dirty. Pretty nasty, isn’t it?

Comment James Dornan: Why independence cannot be the SNP's priority for now

ONE of the benefits of publicly announcing that you’re retiring is that it frees you up to a great extent to comment on things you probably would have stayed mute on before. Well I’ve been biting my tongue for some time now while watching people, who in my opinion should know better, talking up “splits in the party”; disillusionment with the most popular leader in the UK – if not in the whole of Europe – Nicola Sturgeon; and pretending that being found not guilty in a court of law is the same as your behaviour being acceptable.