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A lack of HGV drivers has contributed to a shortage of products in the UK

ANALYSIS Why Brexit continues to dominate the Scottish independence debate

AS the day on which Scotland was dragged out of the EU disappears in the rear-view mirror, it gets harder to retain our focus on two important facts. The first – that Brexit remains the principle reason for an independence referendum being on the agenda, prior to the fabled “generation” passing by. The second is that that any referendum that does take place is likely to be dominated by arguments over whether Brexit has harmed the Scottish economy and whether independence is the remedy.

Pretty much everything about the result so far looks uncannily similar to 2016

analysis Did the opinion polls get the Holyrood election results right?

THERE was a lot of chatter on the BBC election show suggesting the first batch of results weren’t in line with the opinion polls, and that the SNP appeared to be underperforming against expectations. I’m not sure that’s really true. The final polls had the SNP anywhere between 42% and 52% on the constituency ballot, with a median result of 49%.