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Andy Wightman writes a special report for The National
Deliberate centralisation of power – whether at Westminster, Holyrood or through national bodies – has had devastating impacts on Scottish civic society
The population is embracing the new limitations on their freedom
Properties that are not homes – such as Amazon warehouses – are officially valued every few years and given a rental value
Boris Johnson may realise that emulating US President Donald Trump will not impress certain people
The Isle of Bute, owned by a charity, the Mount Stuart Trust, and operating as a closed shop
The threat of school closures was part of what the Greens sought to prevent in their Budget calls for local government support
Lord Keen for the UK Government was still arguing that the question was hypothetical last week
If a track is built for agriculture or forestry it does not require full planning permission
This month, the population of Edinburgh is estimated to inflate to twice its size. Photograph: Julie Howden