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THE BIG READ The UK is no longer a functioning multi-nation state. What hope does it have?

AT the end of last month, as the Scottish Parliament was dissolving ahead of the Holyrood election, ministers in Boris Johnson’s government made two announcements related to Scotland and the future integrity of the UK. The first was symbolic. From now on, government buildings across the country (although not in Northern Ireland) would be required to fly the Union flag every day as a “proud reminder of our history and the ties that bind us,” the Conservative culture secretary, Oliver Dowden

Comment Joe Biden winning US election is the last big hope for a world on fire

ON Tuesday, American voters will get the chance to end Donald Trump’s planetary death drive. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Trump administration will go down as one of the most environmentally destructive in modern American history. To illustrate the existential stakes of this election, here’s just a partial summary of Trump’s assault on the climate over the past four years.

Farewell but not goodbye: Exploring the vigils in Scotland that marked Brexit

BORIS Johnson hailed “the dawn of a new era” and Nigel Farage congratulated himself for having “transformed the landscape of our country”... but at 11 pm on Friday, January 31, as Britain finally and officially exited the EU, the mood among the 1500 or so people who had gathered outside Holyrood to mark the passing of their European citizenship was funereal rather than festive, the rhetoric sombre rather than celebratory.