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Born in Germany, raised in Northern Ireland, resident in Scotland more or less since 1982.  Fond of tea, Tottenham Hotspur and Touch of Evil. I’ve written one book (Whose Side Are You On?, Yellow Jersey, 2011), and interviewed Tracey Emin twice.   Hopefully no one holds either against me.

Latest articles from Teddy Jamieson

Stirling University: a perfect combination of concrete, glass and greenery

IT WILL be 40 years this autumn since I first arrived at Stirling University. Four decades since I was a student on perhaps the most beautiful campus in the country. Much has changed in the interim. The halls of residence I stayed in were knocked down a few years ago, the Macrobert Arts Centre, which opened its doors in 1971, has recently undergone a swish new upgrade as part of the university’s multi-million-pound redevelopment plans. And let’s just say that the sports complex, which has it

Can we believe Liz Truss's Protocol plans?

IN 1970, the then Tory Home Secretary Reginald Maudling, returning from his first visit to Northern Ireland, infamously exclaimed, “For God’s sake, bring me a large Scotch. What a bloody awful country.”

McDonald's pulls out of Russia

FAST-food chain McDonald’s has announced that it is to leave Russia for good. After temporarily closing its 847 outlets in the country in March following Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, it is now pulling out altogether.

On the Radio: Did Radiohead predict the future on OK Computer?

IF I’M honest, I still think Radiohead peaked on their second album The Bends. However, this is, if Archive on 4 (Radio 4, Saturday) is to be believed, a minority position. It’s the band’s third album, 1997’s OK Computer, which is seen as the key text when it comes to Radioheadiana. (Is that a word? It is for the purposes of this column.)