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COMMENT What we must do next if we want four-day work week

FIRST Minister Humza Yousaf announced to widespread fanfare and much acclaim in September last year that the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government would include financial support to trial a four-day week in a number of government departments and public bodies.

Is radical change any closer 100 years on from first Labour government?

TODAY marks the centenary of the first Labour government in Britain. It was led by many prominent Scots, such as Ramsay MacDonald, Arthur Henderson, Richard Haldane, Hugh Macmillan, Manny Shinwel, and John Wheatley. Some of them were part of the Red Clydeside radical political eruption after the First World War.

COMMENT Honouring the legacy of John Maclean 100 years after his death

JOHN Maclean died 100 years ago today. He was, along with the likes of James Connolly and Jimmy Reid, one of the most important socialist sons of Scotland. Trained as a teacher but outside the school system, he became a very effective revolutionary Marxist educator, training many socialists and trade unionists. He was jailed for his opposition to the First World War.