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COMMENT A rapid change of conductors for the dance band on the Titanic

THE Tory party chose a new leader this week. He was elected by its MPs alone. No one else was asked. A few weeks ago, he was rejected by the same MPs. Instead, they chose someone who was outlasted by a lettuce. Sadly, for the rest of us, he also became prime minister. An act that is an affront to decent standards of democracy.

COMMENT The UK is headed for catastrophe, but trivial claptrap is the media's focus

IT’S a mess. Growing evidence shows that the UK faces challenges that threaten its very existence. Meanwhile the attention of Scots is diverted to distractions. The media in Scotland, with the exception of this fine organ and it’s daily sister title (and nothing that follows applies to The Sunday National) is a cause for real concern. It has ever been subservient, parochial, and myopic. Many of its editors are of modest intellect while its reporters slavishly follow every line set down. Any

COMMENT A journey from muscular Unionism to frantic fascism

THE two candidates for Tory leadership are trying to outdo each other in extremist language. According to the polls, the frontrunner is Liz Truss, or to use her married name, Liz O’Leary. She says that working people do not “graft” enough. Leaving aside the huge degree of graft and corruption in Tory circles, this is a gross insult to workers.

COMMENT Unspeakable ‘anti-Scots’ pursue power as recession looms

WATCHING the Conservative dog and pony show, SNP president, Michael Russell said: “What is clear from Liz Truss and her audience is that the UK Conservatives are now a profoundly anti-Scottish party. It is up to Tories in Scotland to prove they aren’t by publicly disagreeing with UK Tory leadership rhetoric.”

COMMENT Who are unelected Tory peers to lecture Scotland on democracy?

NEVER in the field of British politics have so many been failed by so few. And this few are about to choose from their midst the two who have arguably failed most. The Tory leadership contenders pitch might be summarised as follows: “This government was crap. I am very proud of the work I did for it. Vote for me to do something totally different, but not too different.”